How to Go Green On a Budget

How to go green on a budget

How to go green on a budget

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 This is how to go green on a budget! I will teach you how to go green with the dollar store.

Want to use less plastic? Are you on a budget? (Aren’t we all?) Read on to find out how you can use a few items from the dollar store in order to make your life more sustainable.


Here are five products you can buy today at your local dollar store to help save the environment.


  • Glass hand soap dispensers. Not only are these more aesthetically pleasing to look at in your bathroom than the disposable plastic ones, they can be refilled over and over again. Just buy a larger container of hand soap to refill with.

  • Let jars be your new tupperware. You can find jars at your local dollar store, and they’re great for food storage; not just canning. Throw your leftovers in jars instead of plastic tupperware. Bonus? No nasty plastic chemicals leaching into your food when you reheat your leftovers. Plus, you can totally jump on the salad in a jar trend.

  • Lingerie laundry bags for your produce. Now, hear me out. You know when you go to the store and buy all that healthy produce, but you pile it into those plastic bags? Well, you can simply use these reusable mesh bags instead. You can get multi packs of these at the dollar store. Plus, these have zippers, so your apples won’t go rolling around the back of your car.

  • Glass containers for your bulk goods. Most grocery stores are now hopping on the bulk goods train. Store them in eco-friendly glass containers in your pantry or on your counter. Your goods will all look so pretty and aesthetically pleasing with the bonus of using less packaging.

  • Buy totes to use at the grocery store. Again, these will replace your plastic bags at the grocery stores. Chances are you probably already own some of these, but reusable shopping totes can be pricey if you buy them at the wrong place. If you pick them up at the dollar tree, you’ve got nothing to worry about budget wise. Why spend up to $4 at the grocer for these, when you can get them for a fraction of the cost?

I hope you enjoyed these budget-friendly tips for more sustainable living. What was your favorite?