Welcome to my Life

Hello. Welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll stay a while and get to know me. My name is Julene, and I’ll be posting various snippets from my life. 

I’m certain you’ll find something here you enjoy. I plan to have recipes — because I love me some food. There will be fashion — because I love me some clothes. There will probably also be a sprinkle of snark, because well, it’s me. It’s a lifestyle blog; let there be life! Skål!

This is a space that I hope I can share my life with you, and that I hope you can share some of your life with me. So let’s get into a bit more about me and my life.

I’m a working mom of three lovely children. One teenager, one near teenager and one tween. (Lord, help me!) I’m in love hot chocolate, family time and audio books.  You can probably catch me watching hockey most nights when my team is playing.  Like most other moms, I often feel like an underpaid taxi driver and personal chef. If I’m honest, some days I’m just along for the ride and holding on as tight as I can to the out of control freight train that is life. But here I am — surviving and thriving.

I come from a long line of fighters; pioneers and vikings. So if life thinks it can cross-check me occasionally (sorry for the hockey reference) it’s got another thing coming. Even if it does manage to knock me down, I’m definitely getting back up again; even madder than before. 

So, I hope you’ll grab your favorite beverage and settle in here with me. I’ve got so much planned for us.