Family Home Evening for Busy Families

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How to plan family home evening when you’re busy. Read on to find out! Family home evening for busy families in 5 easy steps.

How do we fit in Family Home Evening? We have to intentionally make time for it, even if I’m deciding the afternoon of. I’ve planned an FHE at 3pm on a Saturday evening for us to do at 6pm that same evening. How? Read on!


What is Family Home Evening (FHE)? For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Family Home Evening is a special evening (or any time of day) set aside to spend together in scripture study, prayer, fun and fellowship.


Here’s how to have your very own Family Home Evening on the fly, even if you’re pressed for time!


  • Pick a day/time that works for your family’s schedule.


In our house, it usually takes place on a Saturday or Sunday evening. We generally go over our weekly devotional that is put out by our church, and we then discuss and read it.


  • Decide what kinds of things you’d like to include in your evening. Not religious? Read a book together as a family or work on a project together.


Traditionally a FHE will include a prayer, song, lesson, activity, game and treat…or some combination of something similar. Do we work all of these elements into our routine every time? No. Do some families? Sure! Want to add something else? Please share your ideas!


  • Make food a part of it. Food is such a great way to bond with your family. Family meals are so special.

When it comes to FHE, we are an on-the-fly type of family. I generally judge on Friday whether we’ll have the time on Saturday or Sunday, and I try to formulate some plan of action based around that. We’ll have a big(ish) family dinner that I will try to cook dessert with (which is a treat for us). Sometimes though, we just have frozen pizza.


  • Decide on a main activity or theme. Ours generally revolves around a spiritual lesson, but it can even be a craft or service project that your family can complete together.


Then we read or discuss what our weekly topic from Come, Follow Me is. If you are also not aware of what Come, Follow Me is, it’s basically a weekly devotional that is built around scripture and that’s published by our church. It’s a really great resource for families, and it’s made my FHE lesson ideas so much easier. You can find other family devotionals online, or find some STEM activities or art projects to do together on Pinterest.


  • Add in a fun activity you can do together. If you already did a craft, etc. that’s okay! You’re done!


After our dinner and discussion, we usually play a game. We love board games. We typically get to gobble down our dessert during this part of the evening. 


This year, I’ve tried to work in a video to watch. The Book of Mormon videos pair perfectly with our Come, Follow Me this year! You can find those on YouTube simply by searching “Book of Mormon Videos.” (Or by clicking the link I just gave you.) It’s a really great way to reinforce the Book of Mormon scriptures we’ve read. 


We don’t usually do songs with our FHE, though traditionally they’re included. Why? We’re not big singers. If you’ve got any fun way that I can work songs into our FHE, let me know in the comments!


No time to cook? Grab take out or cook a frozen pizza.


No time to plan an activity? Make a board or card game your main event.


You’re not religious? Work in something educational or crafty instead.


It’s all about making family time a priority in our busy lives. It shows your kids that no matter what, finding time for each other is important.


So, to recap. If you want to do your own FHE on the fly, follow these easy steps!


  • Pick an evening you’ve got open (it doesn’t have to be a weekend; it can even be tonight).


  • Decide on some sort of concept you’d like to share with your family, or use a devotional or family curriculum. Pinterest is GREAT for this! (More on this in a later post).


  • Cook something your family loves. We include a dessert, and my kids love it when I get their input on what they’d like me to cook – when time allows. They really look forward to it, and love helping me out in the kitchen.
  • Choose an activity to participate in together…it can be a game, or anything else your family enjoys doing together… We have even gone ice skating before.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for new activities. Family Home Evening can be such a special fun time.


Happy Planning!