Are Bathroom Selfies Cliche?

Are bathroom selfies cliche? I’m not sure, but I do know that I felt really awesome and cute a few times in the past week. I had on what I felt were really cute outfits and my makeup was done. I felt like a million bucks.

So should I care if bathroom selfies are cliche? Nope. Not one bit. Remember how I talked about feeling great about yourself? I felt great about myself, even though I was in a public bathroom.

Sure, if I had a full length mirror at home, I’d have taken a picture there. As it stands now, I do not. So, bathroom selfie it was.

My two outfits both feature clothing from LulaRoe. Have you heard of that brand?

In my first outfit, my floral jumpsuit is topped by a dusty rose colored moto jacket. The jacket is the softest almost sweatshirt like fabric, and the jumpsuit is a soft heathered cotton. I have a soft spot for roses and floral patterns, so when I spotted this I had to have it.

My second outfit features a new style of jacket from the brand and their newish jeans. Their jeans are awesome and everything my mom-bod could want out of a jean. They’re stretchy and they have a panel that hides my tummy. They’re oh-so-comfy and shhh, you can even go a few wears without washing them. They literally never lose their stretch. The jewelry I have on is from another direct sales company called Paparazzi. No doubt you’ve heard of both of these companies if you own a Facebook account. If not, I highly recommend supporting a small business and checking them out!

Do you take bathroom selfies? What are your thoughts? Do you ever just feel like a million bucks?! You’ve gotta capture the moment, right?