Add More Time To Your Day

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Find out how to add more time to your day. Create more time with morning time.

How do you make more time? Can you find more time in your day? What if you could find that extra time? What would you do with it?

I recently read (listened to) a book about morning routines. I’ve heard several successful people mention these, whether it’s on a podcast or on an audio book or blog post. Wanting to be successful in my new venture (this blog) and successful at life in general, I’m genuinely interested in what magic the morning can bring.

The book is titled “Good Morning, Good Life” by Amy Landino, and I’m living for it. Of course, I have yet to try to implement any of the practices, but I’m psyched to start trying. And I will try, I promise. Eventually.

Am I equally as psyched to start waking up at 4:20am? Not so much. Am I over the moon to go to bed by 8:20pm in order to get all 8 hours of my beauty rest? Definitely not. (Although I may be ready to pass out by 8pm if I’m waking up so early.)

My biggest hurdle is trying to figure out how to spend my time. There are so many things I wish I had extra time for, so it’s hard to narrow down how to spend that extra hour and a half in the morning before I start my morning bustle.

I could meditate and do some yoga.

I could journal — she recommends this. She likes morning pages.

I could read my scriptures.

I could work on my blog or social media accounts.

I could go to the gym.

So. Many. Things. How can I pick? What would you pick?

She offers multiple writing exercises in the book to help narrow down what you’d like to do. She goes over how to find your passion and how to execute your morning routine to your own liking. Amy even goes so far as to give you a formula to calculate when you need to go to bed and wake up based on how much time you need and how long it takes you to wind down and wake up.

I need a plan, desperately. I need to figure out what exactly I’m going to do with my time.

Do you have a morning routine? Are your mornings magic? Or do you – like me – wish you had more time desperately? Check out the book — highly recommend…

Let’s make mornings magical!